This is my brand new blog site

How to schedule a blog post

This is your post here.

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How To Write Your First Blog Post

This is whehostgator couponre you type at.

You can start a new line by pushing the enter key.

And you can type as much as you want in this box.

You can type a full paragraph or a sentence.  You can also do cool stuff like add images.  Of course I don’t want to bore you too much so I pre-typed all of this junk out for you.

Looks pretty easy to do doesn’t it?  It is!

This box is called a visual editor.

Michael Brown is also awesome.

I mean really awesome.

I am typing now in the visual editor.


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How To Add A Link To Your Blog Post

Here is a great site that you should check out, visit here.

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How To Add A Video To Your Blog Post – Tutorial

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My very 1st blog post

Wohooo ha!  I have my very first blog set up.


Hi there!


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